Here’s All You Need to Know About Barrisol Acoustic Lights

Barrisol Acoustic Light is a unique innovation that meets both acoustic and lighting requirements. The Barrisol product is used on ceiling applications such as, in restaurants, museums, conference rooms, lobbies, etc. Barrisol Acoustic Light offers several unique features in being lightweight, flexible in range of sizes, Class A-rated, and safe to use.

Features of Barrisol Acoustic Light:
 - Acoustical light from Barrisol combines aesthetics, design as well as practicality for your ceiling solution.
-  Barrisol Acoustic Light can be fixed to the ceiling soffit or supplied as a suspended panel with a 4-inch minimum depth for even illumination.
-  Acoustical light by Barrisol follows all local & international fire regulations.
- The quality and performance of the light are completely homogeneous.
-  Acoustic light by Barrisol is rated Class A, the Barrisol membranes are UL approved.
- Acoustical light by Barrisol offers the acoustic performance required on all projects.
- With Barrisol being around for over 50 years, its durability and life span will meet your client's needs.
-Acoustical light from Barrisol can reduce noise and create an effective reduction of sound transmission.
-Backlighting the Barrisol Acoustic lighting system can include specific LEDs engineered to provide even illumination at a shallow depth. Giving the project the lighting output required.

Barrisol lights meet all the acoustic and lighting designer needs perfectly to create the best possible design for a client. The right combination of materials will be used, the right type of lighting fixtures will be installed. The designer can create any atmosphere for a project, while the lighting designer can help the client ensure that the space looks great when it is lit appropriately.  Lighting & Acoustics are crucial to any project; therefore, it is important that every Architect/Lighting Designer and Acoustician has a working knowledge of what Barrisol can offer and how Barrisol can create your own unique space.

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